Publicity and Promotion

Effective publicity is the key to successful book sales. Authors who publish with conventional presses, large or small, are often shocked to discover that the publisher does little promotion, and that publicising the new book is the responsibility of the author. The author often hires a publicist or public relations firm to get the word out. The cost of publicizing a new book often exceeds the cost of producing, printing and distributing that book - that's all other costs combined! That's why smart authors, knowing up front that they'll have to put in this amount of effort to make their book a success, often elect to self-publish. That way they make the publisher's share of the income from the book, as well as the author's. Remember: When your new book comes out, you are launching a new product and a new brand!

Creating Best Sellers

The Author's Publishing Cooperative focuses on authors whose books have significant sales potential. If a book sells 5,000 copies, the author will make about the same amount of money that he or she would have made in royalties. However, when sales exceed 10,000 copies, the author can make more than twice the amount of money that a traditional royalty arrangement yields. Royalties v. Self Publishing

What's Involved in Publicity?

Authors who work with the Author's Publishing Cooperative receive the option of substantial and experience publicity support. APC includes a basic marketing package its standard list of services. This Basic Book Announcement Plan is the very least that should be done to let the world know about a new title. We further recommend that you hire a professional publicist. For a sense of what's involved in a full-fledged author tour, take a look at the San Francisco Chronicle's story on book tours. They're a lot of work, but can really connect the author to the reader.