We Help You in Many Ways:

The way the Author's Publishing Cooperative works is simple. Authors submit a proposal. Books that we think have the potential for significant sales are accepted. The author sends us the manuscript, and the professionals on the Author's Publishing Cooperative team then do everything a big publisher would normally do with a book from that point on, from editorial advice through to distribution. This includes:

Editorial Guidance. We review your manuscript, and provide tips on making your book a sales success.

Market Positioning. We review the other books on retailers' shelves to determine which ones your book is competing against. We then determine how your book can be successfully differentiated from the other titles in that genre.

Production Schedule and Milestones. What are realistic time lines for each step of the process? These milestones are identified and we then do what it takes to keep the project on track.

Chain Presentation Materials. We carefully prepare a presentation for the crucial sales calls on major bookstore chain accounts, (Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, etc.) that will result in maximum impact during the visit. We present your book to warehouse stores (Costco), to mass merchants (Wal-Mart, Target), and to specialty wholesalers.

Marketing Copy. We write professional marketing copy that can be used for back cover text, press releases, flyers, and industry announcements.

Press Kit. We create a press kit including Press Release, Author Bio, Table of Contents, Sample Chapter and other supporting materials. If you have an existing kit, we work with your publicist to strengthen it.

Marketing Plan. In collaboration with you and your publicist, we develop a marketing plan describing how the book will be launched.

Copy Editing. We copy edit the manuscript to correct style, spelling and grammar.

Cover Design. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of the covers of competing titles. We create mockups of several different possible cover treatments, selecting the best, then refining it for a quality final finished print-ready cover. If you already have a cover designer, we work collaboratively with that person.

Title and Subtitle. We check out similar books already in print in that genre, and work with you to find a title and subtitle that clearly convey the marketing message, as well as differentiating your book from others.

Incorporating Trade Feedback. We solicit feedback from sales reps and/or chain buyers to help refine cover, title and marketing materials.

Industry Database Work. We obtain ISBNs for you, complete Bowker's ABI (Advance Book Information) forms, Library of Congress CIP (Cataloging In Publication) data, Copyright submission, and the other information required for your book's copyright page.

Typesetting. We use a proven template from an award-winning type designer to typeset your book. Your book is typeset to the highest professional standards.

Print Bid Solicitation. We draw up print specifications designed to save you money on print costs, then we get estimates from ten to twenty printers, and the lowest bids consistent with quality are selected.

Print Scheduling and Quality Control. We interface intensively with the printer to make sure the print job stays on track, to solve any print problems as they arise, and ensure high quality of the finished product.

Order Fulfillment and Warehousing. The book goes from the printer to our warehouse, which handles all your invoicing, picking and packing, shipping, customer service, billing and collections.

Publicity Coordination. When finished printed books are ready to ship, we coordinate between distribution and publicity for 30 days to make sure that the books arrive in the stores on time for initial publicity appearances.

Bound Galley Production. We produce 20 bound galleys for pre-publication reviewers.

Pre-Publication Review Copies. We assemble a professional pre-publication package to go with the galleys, and we mail this package to the top 10 to 15 reviewers (Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, NY Times, etc).

Translation Rights Sales. We send copies of the finished book to many foreign publishers, and offer the book to them for translation rights sales. Authors typically earn from $1,000 to $10,000 for each language sold, however there are no guarantees of success; some books will sell a dozen foreign language rights, others will sell none.

Basic Book Web Site. We create a web site with everything a journalist or radio talk show host requires to book the author for an interview or article, including synopsis, cover art, and interview questions.

Media Launch Package. We telephone or email our list of the top 250 media contacts who've interviewed authors in similar genres before, and are usually able to produce somewhere between 15 and 50 bookings to launch the author's promotional effort.

Post-Publication Package. We supply the author with a list of proven strategies for gaining visibility for the book subsequent to publication. These engage the author's community in making the book a success.

STANDARD PUBLISHING OPTION: We charge a flat rate of $14,800 for ALL the above services. We collaborate with you on crucial items like cover design and title selection, however our team handles any and all problems that arise, and you are brought into the process only at key decision points. The only things you pay in addition to our fee are print costs, and cover design and typesetting costs. To compare doing these things through us with doing them yourself, see this excellent article by the editor of the Midwest Book Review, Jim Cox. For a comparison of the income you can expect from self-publishing compared to traditional royalty publishing, click here. Once a manuscript has been accepted by the Author's Publishing Cooperative, you don't have to worry about any of the above issues. They are all taken care of, and included in our fee.

PRESENTATION PACKAGE OPTION: We also offer the option of creating a hardback presentation package. It works completely differently from the standard publishing option outlined above. For a presentation package, we create a hardback version of your book, complete with cover design and typesetting. It is then available to stores and consumers as a print-on-demand book. You can use copies to present to agents and potential softcover publishers. Because your book is available from wholesalers, and from Amazon.com, you can sell retail copies as well. The presentation package option costs a flat $7,900. It does not include any of the services outlined above with the exception of a production schedule, ISBN, cover design and typesetting.

"Having engaged the services of a variety of consultants as a new, independent publisher, we soon discovered that Dawson Church is one of the few people in the industry who has an in-depth expertise in every phase of publishing from cover design to online promotion. In addition to his wise advice, he has demonstrated an exceptional personal commitment to the success of our company and authors. Dawson is a pleasure to work with - a pleasure enhanced by his upbeat attitude and ready wit!"

-Tom Marshall, Director of Operations, Wisdom House Press