Writer's Publishing Intensive

Apologies, but the March 1, 2006 Writer's Intensive will be the LAST one offered. Due to my many other writing and lecturing demands, I can no longer fit this class into my schedule. It's been fun to "give back" to writers in the form of offering this information about my beloved profession of publishing. Thanks to the many students who have taken the class over the last fifteen years, and congratulations to those of you who went on to complete their manuscripts, or get published!

- Dawson Church, Ph.D.

The Writer's Publishing Intensive is a hands-on, immensely practical boot camp for aspiring authors. It covers all the basic facts authors must know about the publishing industry in order to published successfully. In a compact format, it gives authors a sense of the options open to them, what's realistic and what's not, and how they can make well-informed decisions about what's best for their manuscript. Authors rave about this class. (see testimonials)

The class covers the stages of the publication process, the structure of a publishing company, costs, and time lines for producing a typical book. It explains the pros and cons of self-publishing, small presses and New York publishers, and the differences between them. It also outlines how best-sellers are created, and the importance of seeing the author's name as a brand. It includes valuable handouts, such as a typical author-publisher contract, a distribution contract, a promotional plan, and key web sites.

Some of the topics covered in depth are:

  • Why Write a Book and Get Published?
  • The Four Publishing Paths: Big Presses, Small Presses, Self-Publishing, and Print On Demand
  • Writing a Dynamite Proposal
  • How Publishers Evaluate Proposals
  • Successfully Publicizing Your Book
  • How To Get Lots of Books into Borders and Barnes & Noble
  • Who Gets What $ Piece of a $10 Book and Why? And How Much Does the Author Make?
  • The Cost of Publishing a Typical Book
  • Why Do Authors Choose Self-Publishing?
  • Time Frame for a Published Book From Manuscript to Release
  • How Your Title Can Make or Break Your Book
  • Distribution Options for Self-Publishers
  • How a Publishing Company is Structured
  • Post-Millennial Changes in Book Publishing
  • The Future of Publishing
  • Essential Reading

"Writing my book has been both exciting and scary. Launching it feels like I'm travelling on foreign soil and unchartered seas. Thank you for the maps, the lay of the land and the life preserver! I'm still a little scared but feel more prepared to jump in after the Writer's Publishing Intensive."

-Nancy Burns, M.A., M.F.T., Psychotherapist & Author

"Really useful, practical information. Now I know just what to do to get my book published, distributed and promoted. Thank you for the gentle, helpful, responsive experience."

-Claire du Blanc

"The most wonderful thing I received from this seminar is faith, hope and excitement, in the knowledge that there is a publishing company like yours with integrity. You exude trust. The workshop gave me a clear understanding of the publishing process, allow me to now make educated decisions regarding my project."

-Juliane Cripps

"I totally recommend this class to anyone even considering jumping into the writing/publishing field with their own stuff. It was everything that Dawson advertised it to be, plus a lot more. It was like taking a trip through a new country for me, and now, thanks to Dawson, I have a map of how to best navigate the writing/publishing arena! I feel it was invaluable."

-Krystalargo de Lindachrist

"The query letter that I completed in your class has snagged me interest from six agents. I'm a little overwhelmed by the abundance of interest."

-Amy Racina

"With great heart, vast knowlege, and professional wisdom, this class guided me through the maze of publishing options."

-Eva Lindberg

"Filters an amazing amount of information into practical application. Take this course if you are considering or have completed a book project."

-Steve Charrier

"This great class was well organized and presented, as well as highly motivational. It drew serious authors, and it was much better than a Learning Annex class I took on the same subject."

-Amy Racina

"Essential frustration prevention."

-Elizabeth Kraatz

"Writing isn't all there is in the writing busiess. Dawson helped me to see how important the business part is, and I'm jazzed!

-Marya Mann, Ph.D.

Writing A Book Proposal From Your Soul

What is the message you were born to share with the world? What piece of your soul is longing to speak out in the form of a book or essay? Do you have a manuscript started? Have you always dreamed of writing a book? This one-day class covers the nuts and bolts of writing an eye-grabbing proposal. But it does far more. It shows you how to tune into your essence, and write a proposal and a manuscript that is true to your most authentic inner voice. Includes guided meditations to help you get in touch with your most authentic level of soul message.