Income Comparison
Self-Publishing v. Conventional Publishing

When you break down the actual income and expenses of self-publishing, you can determine how much money an author makes relative to conventional publishing. Primary responsibility for publicizing a new book rests with the author, whether the book is being self published or whether it's published by a large publisher, so the author's income below is shown before publicity costs. Once 5,000 copies have been sold, a self-publishing author has usually broken even, and produced enough cash from the project to pay for a modest publicity campaign. An author published by a large publisher has also broken even at this point. However, if a book hits a sales level of 10,000 copies or more, a self-publishing author has made more than three times the money a royalty author has. In addition, authors doing publicity appearances draw people to their workshops, and are hired for personal and business consulting. 20 people in a $350 weekend workshop can produce more than enough revenue to pay for an ambitious publicity campaign. For an example of a savvy self-publisher's story from the Wall Street Journal, click here.

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