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You'll find friendly, approachable experts who will work with you enthusiatically and honestly at the Author's Publishing Cooperative. We are a conventional publishing company, but one that is inspired by our authors who self-publish through us.

In one place, you get every service a self-publishing author needs to end up with an excellent manuscript, plus book production services, and a national bookstore release program, so your book gets into the major retailers and wholesalers. The Author's Publishing Cooperative manages the entire production process, from editorial development to national distribution. Gone are all the author's worries about, "Will I get into Barnes & Noble"; "Will I get a professional quality print job?"; "Am I getting a fair price from typesetters and cover designers"; "Will I take the right steps to publicize my book?"

Exclusively for
Author's Publishing clients:
The New Voices Program
A turbo-charged launch
for first time authors

By purchasing these services in bulk, the Author's Publishing Cooperative ensures that the author gets prices that are usually much lower than he or she would be able to obtain as a one-book publisher. Rigorous quality standards mean that the final product is as marketable as that produced by any New York publisher. By aggregating several self-published books each year, the Author's Publishing Cooperative is able to get national distribution: recently, one first-time author's title was selected for front table placement in all Barnes & Noble high-traffic stores; another was selected for front-of-store placement in all of Borders's 700 bookstores.

Self-publishing can be a lot of fun, and can make the author a lot more money per book than conventional royalty publishing if done well. But the learning curve for starting a self-publishing enterprise is steep, just as steep as the learning curve for any other complex industry. And running a self-publishing enterprise takes lots of time, energy and know-how once it's established. That's why savvy self-publishers work with the Author's Publishing Cooperative. Of the scores of manuscripts we see a year, we pick only a handful, and give them the kind of attention that sets them up for publishing success. Yours could be one! Click here to see one of our authors' self-published title on best-seller lists.

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